Witchin Solstice by Charity Parkerson (ePUB)

witchin solstice, charity parkerson

Witchin Solstice (Witchin #2) by Charity Parkerson – Free eBooks Download


Special Agent Brock Wray is on the case of another weird crime. Strange enough to need the help of his warlock husband. This time, they can’t do it alone.
After seven different men are found dead the same way—with zero clues pointing toward a killer—Brock has no choice but to get Caspian involved if he hopes to catch his perp. Each victim has the same final instructions on their computers. Directions on how to summon a monster lover. This calls for the help of a specialist. Luckily, Caspian knows just the guy.
As a supernatural detective, Titan has been on the hunt for one of his own for two years. It’s his job to track and kill rogue members of certain species. Like him, most of his community has learned to live alongside humans without detection. Unfortunately, sometimes monsters give in to their true nature. When Titan arrives in the tiny town of Elvenwood, he never expects to find a human he can’t resist working at the corner hardware store. Let’s just hope he can keep the guy alive when there’s a killer on the loose. One that his precious Jack will never see coming.

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