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witch upon star, marianne morea

Witch Upon a Star (Magic and Mayhem Universe) by Marianne Morea – Free eBooks Download


I’m Linzie Hellborne. Half-witch/half-demon, and most recently the local it girl for the Queen of all witches, a.k.a. the Baba Yaga. I’m her Salem connection when she needs a shenanigans stopper, like when she sent me to the swamp to stop an illegal witch-blood ring. That swamp was a trip and a half, but some good came out of it. His name? Daniel Saint. And we’re engaged!
The wedding is on the day of the Witch’s Star, a magical twenty-four hours where wishes can come true. So imagine my surprise when the Baba Yaga offers to officiate. If you think that raised an eyebrow, you’re right. Turns out there are more shenanigans at play, only this time it’s way personal. As in my mother and little sisters in danger, personal.
I’m leaving my wedding lace behind and donning my O.G. black leather to raise my demon side and search for my family in the darkest of places. With Daniel and the Baba Yaga riding shotgun, I’m loaded for bear… or vampire… or evil witch…

Care to join our posse?

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