Witch-Mage Liberation by Isabel Campbell (ePUB)

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Witch-Mage Liberation (The Chronicles of the WitchBorn #3) by Isabel Campbell – Free eBooks Download


Thea finally has the respect from the Coven that comes with living up to the Blackwood name…
…but the undead haven’t received the message that she is no one to mess with.

Dark magic wreaths New Orleans and Thea isn’t immune to its effects. Worse, the Coven witnesses her loss of control, and her boss at AID is asking questions of Thea’s friends and teammates.
Could the disappearance of Arthur Adderget be connected to the rising undead and the wards failing around the city?
Getting involved with the Coven goes against Thea’s better instinct, but there’s only one way to find out. The team must investigate before NOLA’s defenses are destroyed.
Thea’s exploration of her new power gives her a way to deal with the dark magic draining the wards. It could also be the door to losing herself to the darkness…
The team delves deeper into the secrets hidden beneath the surface of the city and discovers a lead that will take them far beyond everything they thought they knew about their world.

Can Thea resist the temptation waiting for her at the culmination of her search?

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