Wish We Were There by Lionel Hart (ePUB)

wish we were there, lionel hart

Wish We Were There (The Caesura Room #1) by Lionel Hart – Free eBooks Download


Parker’s greatest regret in life was not confessing his crush to Taylor before introducing him to Zach.

He’s done his best to be a good friend to Taylor in the decade they’ve known each other, but his feelings have never truly gone away. Instead, he’s found contentment in his career as a music journalist, keeping himself from wanting more from their friendship.
Taylor’s band is finally skyrocketing up the path to stardom. But everything comes crashing down when Zach, Taylor’s husband and the band’s frontman, dies in the middle of their summer tour.
In the aftermath, Taylor decides he’s done with the rockstar life. When he sets out on a new venture to open a music venue, The Caesura Room, he and Parker spend more time together than ever before.
As their relationship teeters on the edge of something more, Parker must decide if he can overcome the guilt of having these feelings for his widowed friend. But Taylor has secrets of his own that might keep them from their last chance to be together.

⚠Content Warnings: This 18+ book contains mentions of death, grief, and drug/alcohol abuse.

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