Winning the Billionaire by Carrie Ann Hope (ePUB)

winning billionaire, carrie ann hope

Winning the Billionaire by Carrie Ann Hope – Free eBooks Download


To help his global company keep pace with the 21st century, billionaire Jack Parker reluctantly agrees to an idea cooked up by his board of directors: 12 men and women will spend a week at his Pennsylvania estate, competing for the chance to head a brand-new department based around the proposals they’ve submitted. There’s a lot of money and prestige involved, so the competitors are all desperate to impress him… except for one woman whose quiet confidence and charm immediately capture Jack’s attention. He’s so enthralled that he’s tempted to award her the prize right away.

The trouble is, Chicago-based photographer Felicity Morgan doesn’t really want to win. She entered the competition on a whim, prodded into it by a friend. And now that she’s in Pennsylvania, she’s caught between sticking to the rules set up by Jack’s board of directors and following her heart — which is telling her to re-examine the life she’s always thought was just fine, especially when she realizes that Jack Parker might mean more to her than anyone else she’s ever met.

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