Winning My Queen by Madelyn Smith (ePUB)

winning my queen, madelyn smith

Winning My Queen (Bolts of Love #1) by Madelyn Smith – Free eBooks Download


Alex can’t remember who he is. Reina knows he won’t stay. Can the magic of Bolt, Oregon bring them together?

This small town feels so foreign to me. That’s probably the memory loss talking.
The longer I stay here, the more I’m learning there’s more to life than I thought. This small-town is starting to win my heart, especially the local school nurse and soccer coach.
As my memories start to return I’m torn between who I was and who I want to become. Who the people of Bolt are teaching me to be. Especially, Reina. But will she even like me after learning about my past? Can I really risk losing my heart when I still don’t fully remember who I am?

I love my sleepy small-town of Bolt, Oregon where nothing crazy happens. At least nothing crazy until Alex crashes and forgets who he is. I’m asked to watch out for him while he’s recovering and I’m determined nothing will happen between us. I know from experience that city boys don’t move to Bolt. Yet, as he shares his memories and shows up for me, my heart can’t help but melt a little. He even handles the antics of my soccer players well, winning me over with every kind thing he does for me and my town. If only my heart would understand that he’s going to leave when he remembers who he is.

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