Wings of Stars by R.L. Caulder (ePUB)

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Wings of Stars (Fallen Destiny #1) by R.L. Caulder, M. Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


Comply and excel, or fail and fall.

Welcome to Alfemir.
I’ve lived my entire life as a disappointment in the eyes of every angel who lives in Alfemir, but especially my Archangel father. Tarnishing our family name by being a powerless angel…that’s the legacy I’ll leave behind.
After years of failed placement tests, and with the time limit to find my magic breathing down my neck, I’ve come to accept my fate. When the clock ticks zero, I’ll have my wings brutally ripped from my body and be cast down to live with the humans.
Rejected, alone, and afraid.
But when a man from my past reappears, he tells me there’s a different option…another life I could lead, at his side. I’m desperate to find a place that feels like home, but taking his offer would mean leaving everything I know behind, and being branded a fugitive by Alfemir.
Can I find the courage to believe that I deserve a future that’s better than what waits for me here?
After my father exposes his true nature, and with the support from an unlikely ally, I find myself taking the leap of faith.
Little did I know that the ugliness I saw in my father runs deep in all of the Archangels in Alfemir. Their vile actions and hatred are written in the stars, along with my fate and my future.
Love, hatred, and fear collide as the veil placed over my eyes is ripped away. For the first time in my life I see Alfemir for what it truly is: Evil.
The night the fallen angels have feared for thousands of years is coming for us all.
Alfemir wants a fight, but I’ll give them a war.
Because it turns out I’m not powerless, after all.

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