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winging it, nicole bell

Winging It (Catching Flights and Feelings #1) by Nicole Bell – Free eBooks Download


Lola Andrews loves her prestigious travel writing job, but lately it’s been hanging on by a thread. After losing her dad unexpectedly four months ago, Lola’s work has been suffering as she’s been doing her best to grieve in secret. She doesn’t need to burden her terrifying boss with her problems. She can find her way on her own.
At least she thinks she can.
When a spot opens up on an assignment in Greece—the very place she had planned to visit this year with her dad—she thinks it’s a sign from the universe. Go to Greece, immerse herself in her dad’s homeland, and get through her grief all while saving her job.
After begging for the spot, Lola gets the job, but on one condition: instead of the usual staff photographer joining her, creative director Kai Harrington is going along to keep her in line.
With her job hanging in the balance, Lola needs to focus on finding herself and proving that she’s worth keeping on staff. She can’t afford the distraction that this perfect, beautiful golden boy provides.

But there’s just something about his hypnotic hazel eyes that has her questioning everything.

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