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Winds of Danger (Danger Incorporated #13) by Olivia Jaymes – Free eBooks Download


One night during a hurricane, Grant and a woman he’s just met give into their attraction and spend a steamy night in each other’s arms. He knows that she’s scared and on the run from someone, but she’s not saying much more. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t just want to help her, he wants to see where this relationship might go in the future. Unfortunately, the next morning she’s gone without a word.

Mia is on the run from her dangerous and unstable ex-boyfriend. She didn’t count on being rescued by Grant or feeling this incredible attraction. It was supposed to just be a one-night stand, but she feels so much more for this man.
In the cold light of day, however, Mia knows that she doesn’t have anything to offer Grant, and she can’t drag him into the mess of her life. It simply wouldn’t be fair. With tears in her eyes and an ache in her heart, she reluctantly flees, reminding herself that she’s doing the right thing.
Years later, Grant has moved on, but he still remembers that stormy and passionate night with Mia. She continues to haunt his dreams, but life goes on. Until the day that he walks into the local coffee shop and sees Mia standing at the counter. He can hardly believe his own eyes.

Is she here to see him? Is she on the run again? And if so, will she let him help her this time? Grant is determined to not only get to the truth, but to finally get the chance to have Mia in his arms once again.

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