Wild Tangled Hearts by C.M. Seabrook (ePUB)

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Wild Tangled Hearts by C.M. Seabrook – Free eBooks Download


Ever wondered what it’s like to be the mastermind behind a love story? Well, now’s your chance! Meet Bella Montgomery, an art teacher with a heart as colorful as her paintings. You’re in control of her fate, and it’s time to dive headfirst into a world of romance, adventure, and steamy passion.
Picture this: Bella’s got three swoonworthy guys vying for her heart. There’s Alex, the rugged outdoorsman who’s a master of marshmallow toasting. Damien, the mysterious hunk who rides a motorcycle and has a penchant for stealing hearts and the last slice of pizza. And don’t forget Sebastian, the complex and enigmatic hero who’s got charm smoother than a perfectly aged Scotch.
As you immerse yourself in Bella’s world, you’ll face decisions that can evoke moments of swooning, laughter, and even a touch of fluster — sometimes all at once! Will you confidently declare your love to one man, or will you choose to engage with all three in your romantic journey? Can you conquer the chaos that comes with each guy, or will you choose the path of least spilled coffee?

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