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Wild Rush Of Love (Winter Lake #5) by Rhian Cahill – Free eBooks Download


Drinks aren’t the only thing this barman is serving up.

Tending bar in a popular upstate New York lodge, Rush Whelan enjoys all the fun with the female clientele, with none of the commitment. They come for vacation—and for Rush, in his bed—then they go. Until Sabreena. After spending her entire holiday together, Rush still can’t get the shy beauty out of his mind. When he finds himself with some unexpected time off, there’s only one thing to do—follow Reena home.

Waitress Sabreena Howe is grateful for the built-in family that comes with working at Pat’s Pub. Mr. Collins and his brood have taken in more than a few strays, Reena among them. But even with their support, Reena has trouble letting people get close…including Rush. Despite their instant connection, Reena allowed fear to abort what could have been their amazing last night together.

When Rush shows up in Baltimore, Reena finally sets her trepidation aside, exploring her newfound sensuality even though she suspects another brief week together can only lead to heartbreak. Her home is here; Rush’s is hundreds of miles away.

But the heart knows no time or distance. If Reena can redefine her definition of home, she’ll find love is the greatest wild rush of all.

**This title was previously published as Wild Rush. It has been extensively revised and lengthened.

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