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Wild Pitch by Ivy Summers – Free eBooks Download


Marcus Gunn is the latest superstar prospect to join the Beacons. But during his first start, a shocking event takes him out of the game and sends him straight into my physical therapy clinic.
I heard tales of his legendary focus, but I didn’t expect him to be so cold. And I definitely didn’t think I’d be attracted to him despite that.
I told myself I’d never fall for an arrogant hotshot again. Yet with his baby blue eyes, arms of steel, and gorgeous lips…
No. I’m a professional. Marcus isn’t the first hot athlete to lay on my table, and this time, everything is on the line.
So I’ll turn my attraction off like a light switch. I’ve done it a dozen times before.
There’s just one problem. As soon as I touch him, the light switch isn’t turning off. It’s very, very on. Like, so on that I’m breathing hard and feeling tingly somewhere that’s decidedly not professional.
And oh God, from his cocked eyebrow, I’m pretty sure he’s noticed.
I’m so screwed.

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