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wild child, cassie lein

Wild Child by Cassie Lein, Alisha Williams – Free eBooks Download


Wild and carefree, that’s me.

I’ve always been an odd one, never caring what people thought of me. Some people expect me to be a certain way because I’m an omega, but I dance to the beat of my own drum.
I’m 21. That means going to Calling Wood University and finding a pack to share my first heat with.
I’ve never hated the idea of finding a pack, but I wasn’t going to settle for just anyone. I don’t care about finding my scent match, but I want people who won’t try to change me.
And luck is on my side when I take on a temporary pack to help me through my first heat. Little did I know I might have found my forever pack. They accept me, accept my career choice.
But when a family emergency brings me home short notice, I find myself going into heat at the worst possible time. That’s when I find out two alphas who I’ve known my whole life have been keeping secrets from me.
Blinded by the frenzy of my heat, I do what my body demands. After the haze clears, the pain of betrayal hits me.
Because we’re scent matched, I physically need them to live. But they have another thing coming if they think I’m going to give up everything for them after what they did.

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