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Wife Project (Marrying the Boss) by Chloe Maine – Free eBooks Download


Nothing makes me happier than helping my serious, reclusive boss…but his next project requires a wife!

I’m a meek little mouse of an assistant, who calls my boss “Mr. Newton Smith” more often than not, but when I overhear that Rufus’s business partner is bent on embarrassing him for inventing a fake fiancée, I know I need to reinvent myself immediately—as his wife-to-be.
But I only expect a single night of playing pretend. I don’t expect every detail Rufus has told people about his fake fiancée to be…me. And now I have to re-evaluate every careful look he’s ever given me, every quiet lean against my desk, and how he rumbles that I’m a good girl.
The truth is, though, that I don’t feel good. I feel deeply wicked for how far I want to take this game of make believe. I want Mr. Newton Smith to consummate our fake relationship and make it very, very real, and take my V-card while he’s at it.

Wife Project is a short, spicy novella about an innocent assistant and the big man who has been waiting for her his whole life.

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