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Wicked Trap by M.V. Kasi- Free eBooks Download


Her one fiery glimpse led to his wicked trap…

Tanvi hates the arrogant stranger who bullied her into sharing a taxi. He called her an entitled princess when they got arrested together. And just when she thought she got rid of him, she saw him again as her new neighbor.
Sparks fly each time they meet and argue. And soon, angry sparks turned into roaring flames as they spend time together in their small apartments. She was beginning to lose her heart to him, only to discover his wicked trap…

Aryan Varma is ruthless in business and when hunting down his enemies. When a past family betrayal is discovered, he is determined to avenge the devastating loss at any cost. He made a fiery woman his pawn.
But just like his two brothers had warned, beautiful pawns can turn into maddening obsessions. Can he capture the heart and soul of the woman who hates him and threatens to blow away all his plans?

*Wicked Trap is a standalone romance.

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