Wicked Stone by Everly Taylor (ePUB)

wicked stone, everly taylor

Wicked Stone by Everly Taylor – Free eBooks Download


Gargoyles were the things of myths. Born of fairy tales. Or were they?

When Payton stumbles across an old, abandoned castle, it seems to be the perfect refuge she needs to escape her dark past. The place she needs to heal and find herself again. With the Gargoyles on the turrets watching over her, she finally feels safe. Protected.
That is, until she starts finding strange things throughout the castle and the very beings that she feels drawn to seem to start moving. Watching her. Waiting. There is no way that is possible though. Was there?
An attack from a werewolf pack sent to hunt her down proves that not only was it a possibility, but her new reality. The gargoyles were not only protecting her but wanted to claim her for their own.
Would she be able to trust her newfound saviors, and her own heart to pass the trial? Or would she fail the test, and be turned to stone forever?

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