Wicked Salvation by Patti O’Shea (ePUB)

wicked salvation, patti o'shea

Wicked Salvation (The Paladin League #3) by Patti O’Shea – Free eBooks Download


A gruff, undercover Army Special Forces warrior. A sassy museum curator with a secret. A mysterious ruby with a deadly history.

Cat Jasarevic needs help. She needs to prove she isn’t behind the theft of the Heart of Puerto Jardin ruby, a $30 million gem with a mysterious past that disappeared while under her care. To prove her innocence, she needs to discover who has the stone…and rescue it. Luckily, she knows just where to find a mercenary to help clear her name—if she survives the interview process.
Sgt. JT “Griff” Griffin is deep undercover in a gun-trafficking sting when Cat sashays into the local mercenary bar. Instantly, his protective side roars to life. She has no clue the kind of trouble she’s headed into. The men who frequent this place are dangerous and they sure as hell don’t honor boundaries. He steps in to claim her—much to Cat’s frustration—before any of the predatory lowlifes eyeing her can make a move.
With his mission unraveling and his CO on his back, the last thing Griff can afford is a leggy, blonde dynamo. But he can’t let her launch this insane ruby rescue plan of hers either.
The woman needs a protector. Or a keeper. And whether she likes it or not, he’s on the job.

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