Wicked Rich Boy by Ana C. Blacklace (ePUB)

wicked rich boy, ana c blacklace

Wicked Rich Boy (Dirty Billionaires #2) by Ana C. Blacklace – Free eBooks Download


One thing you should never do on campus – get on the radar of the Heathen Kings, as much as you crave a piece of them.

They’re golden campus boys by day and warlords by night.
Cruel rulers of the world.
Set to marry virgin heiresses and use lesser mortals, like me, for their dirty pleasures.
Sade Royales? He’s a mouthwatering bastard with a sadistic streak that’s always fascinated me–safely, from afar.
But now I’ve done something that’s drawn his attention, and my life will never be the same.
Now, he’s out to haunt me.
Use me for his perverted desires.
Judging by his reputation, he’ll discard me afterward and take pictures of the mess.

Yet when the police come sniffing about the disappearance of my ex-boyfriend, he steps in for me. He swears to protect me. But there’s a deeper plot behind his actions, and soon I start discovering my place in Sade’s wicked plans. One thing is for sure – if he’s going to hell, he’s taking me with him. The question is, do I even want to fight it?

NOTE: This is a dark romance. It contains dub-con, humiliation, degradation, and a twisted, dark love. Proceed at your peril.

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