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wicked heart, candace wondrak

Wicked Heart (Born to Die #1) by Candace Wondrak – Free eBooks Download


You might think a city without its Bloody Princess would be boring… but then you’d be wrong.
I’m the queen, after all. I rule the DeLuca empire in Bianca’s stead, and it’s so much more fun than I thought it would be. People fear me because I killed their Bloody Princess, and they tremble in their boots when I don my mask. I don’t even need my dangerously sexy men behind me to make an impression.
But, you know, they’re still nice to have.
I’m the Night Slayer. I can take care of myself. I didn’t grow helpless. Something like that just doesn’t go away; it runs deep in my blood and my wicked, vengeful heart.
Things are going good… until bodies start appearing. The kicker? They’re all girls, and their bodies turn up with their faces mutilated.
This ain’t gonna fly in my city, b*tches. Whoever’s doing it? I got one message for you:
One, two,
the Night Slayer’s coming for you.

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