Whispers on the Water by Andrea Goeppert (ePUB)

whispers on water, andrea goeppert

Whispers on the Water (Surf Shack #1) by Andrea Goeppert – Free eBooks Download


Life was simple: work, surf, tweak the old pinball machine at the bar, rinse off and repeat. Easy, uncomplicated, just how I like it. Then came Greg. One dance with him at the bar my best friend dragged me to, and bam—my chill, solitary world flipped like a dinghy on rough seas. Greg’s got the kind of charm that should come with a warning label and surfing skills that could make Poseidon jealous.
With his smile that outshines the Costa Rican sun, and his ridiculous fear of bees, Greg wasn’t what I expected. It was meant to be just one magical, toe-curling night, but then came the surf lessons, the late-night talks, and the unexpected thrill of falling for him.
But just as things heat up, I realize Greg’s got secrets. Big, splashy secrets. They’re swirling around him like a mysterious ocean whirlpool. And me? I’ve got my own—a shadow from my past that’s more menacing than a shark at sundown.
So, here’s the million-dollar question: When your new love affair feels like the perfect wave, do you ride it out, or do you bail before you wipe out? Because in this game of running from everything I should be trying to forget, it’s not just about staying afloat—it’s about not letting the past pull you under.

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