Whispers from the Heart by Gail Chianese (ePUB)

whispers from heart, gail chianese

Whispers from the Heart (Camden Point Romance #2) by Gail Chianese – Free eBooks Download


A guy, a girl, and a ghost mix up the perfect recipe for love and romance.

Kadie Kennedy’s dream deflated like a lousy soufflé when she lost Clash of the Cupcakes five years ago. Now she’s settled in Camden Point, healed from the humiliation, and finally in charge of her own destiny. Too bad her traitorous eyes keep straying to the buff, bread-kneading biceps and kissable lips of the man who defeated her in the competition—and now wants her new bakery.
Ian O’Malley, baker to the stars, has a dream too—creating a life beyond work, drama queens, and betrayal, and where better to do that than his hometown? But his deceased grandfather thinks Ian needs a wife to go along with that new life, and he’s picked out the perfect candidate. Kadie, the woman Ian’s never been able to forget. Her sweet curves and sunny personality attract him like a moth to a flame—but he’s been burned before.
As any good baker knows, timing is everything. For these two, there couldn’t be a worse time. Or a better. She’s the one that got away. He could give her everything. If only they can get beyond their pasts, they just might have the perfect recipe for happily ever after.

Readers: If you love stories about: The one that got away, hometown rivals, second chances at love, and finding the one who will give you the world, this is the book for you.

(This story was previously released under the title of Sweet Surrender. It’s been revised, relocated, and renamed.)

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