Whispers Beneath the Deep by Aleera Anaya Ceres (ePUB)

whispers beneath deep, aleera anaya ceres

Whispers Beneath the Deep (Royal Secrets #2) by Aleera Anaya Ceres – Free eBooks Download


Maisie never expected to care about the most notorious criminal of Thalassar. But with the Black Blade on the brink of death, she must decide if she’s going to assume her role as princess and watch him die… or risk everything to save his life.
With danger lurking around every corner, no decision comes easily. Under the queen’s watchful eye, Maisie’s role in the kingdom grows, and each day it becomes harder to pretend to be someone she’s not.

But to save the kingdom and unravel the missing princess’ secrets, she can’t give up. Nothing will distract her from her goals. Not her growing feelings for the three sexy mermen, who she knows she can never have, and certainly not the promise of death.
Because death is coming.
And it just might claim Maisie for good.

This book is a Fantasy Reverse Harem novel and contains scenes unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.
This book is a second edition.
Whispers Beneath the Deep was previously published under the same title. This is a second edition with a new cover, blurb, and brand new scenes.

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