Whiskey Throttle by Brooke May (ePUB)

whiskey throttle, brooke may

Whiskey Throttle (Moto X #6) by Brooke May – Free eBooks Download


Anyone could look at Parker Bartin and see a man who has it all. The fame, fortune, and the family to make his world complete.
But Parker’s life is far from perfect.
Where once he was a party boy, drowning himself to due away with the traumas of his past in a completely different way than his sister, Paige, he’s gone off the other deep end so completely he’s just as lost.
Trying and failing at being everything he thinks he needs to be; Parker doesn’t see what is happening right in front of him.
He’s on the verge of losing it all; the amazing career, money to do with what he likes, and a woman to go home to every night. All of it starts to slip right through is fingers, causing him to grab hold of the throttle too tightly.
Will whiskey throttle be all Parker knows for his future or will he let go and find a way to overcome all the odds stacked against him?
It’s either the bottle or help, what will Parker choose?

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