Whiskey & Honey by A. Mae. Cooper (ePUB)

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Whiskey & Honey (Crimes of Crimson Valley #1) by A. Mae. Cooper, S.M. Miller – Free eBooks Download


I thought I was free. My parents had made a promise to me, and I thought I was free of this place.
These people…
I never wanted to step foot back in this town ever again. Not after what they did to me. The Reds.
Silas. Kassim. Gabriel. Hawk.
My parents’ murder had brought me back here though and I am forced to face the ghosts of my past alone while trying to figure out what part my parents really played here in Crimson Valley.
I was a Red after all.
The heiress to a legacy that dates back to the beginning of time here in this wretched town.
Landing myself back in this town has turned my life into a nightmare I am never going to be free of. Secrets that should have stayed buried start coming to light before my very eyes, and when lines start to blur and a darkness comes to life that threatens to tear down everything I have worked so hard towards, I am forced to turn to the four tantalizing boys I had once vowed to never bare my soul to again.
There is something coming for me in this town, but they don’t know what I had to become when I left this place all those years ago.
My name may be Honey Locke, but I was far from sweet. I was a queen bee and no one messed with me. And those wicked, vile Red boys were going to get their meeting with lady Karma.

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