Whiskey Business by Becca Jackson (ePUB)

whiskey business, becca jackson

Whiskey Business (Love in No Man’s Land #3) by Becca Jackson – Free eBooks Download


When Marcus suggests we make a bet and if I win I get his ex’s ticket on a four day cruise, I’m not sure he’s for real. He doesn’t like to gamble and he hates to lose even more than I do. Yet, the allure of sharing a room with him for four glorious days is too tempting to resist.
To my surprise, I win, and Marcus doesn’t resist the outcome. It’s almost like he actually wanted to lose. But that would be crazy, right?
Things take an even wilder turn when Marcus’s mom mistakes me for his fiancé, and neither of us corrects her. Now, his whole family believes we’re engaged, and we’re caught in a tangled mess of lies, with even his brother and our friends joining the charade.
Amidst the chaos, I have to admit that this plan might just be the best idea I’ve ever had. Well, except for our little rehearsal of a staged kiss, just in case we need to perform it in front of his family. That was the best idea ever, because with his hands on my waist and his mouth on mine I’m starting to think this fake relationship might be more real than either of us thought.
But when a past hookup threatens to expose everything, it forces Marcus to choose between revealing the truth or pretending I’m just like his former flame.
Can our fake relationship survive reality, or will it crumble under the weight of secrets and revelations?

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