Where There’s A Witch, There’s A Way by Dakota Cassidy (ePUB)

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Where There’s A Witch, There’s A Way (Witchless In Seattle Mysteries #13) by Dakota Cassidy – Free eBooks Download


Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married!

No, silly. Not us. Team #Stewin is still enjoying being engaged and a nice long winter hiatus from murder and ghost chasing.
Until we open up Madam Zoltar’s for the beginning of tourist season and the first customers are a bridal party from the seventh level of you-know-where!
When the soon-to-be ex-husband of the matron of honor is found dead at the motel where the bridal party is staying and she’s accused of his murder–a murder we’re convinced she didn’t commit–our quiet comes to a screeching halt.
Add in the matron of honors dead twin, who appears to be desperately trying to get some kind of message to us, Belfry who’s behaving strangely, and more poofy pink dresses than you can count, and you’ve got yourself a mystery.

A mystery we’re determined to solve! The gang’s all here. Join us for another romp in Witchless in Seattle, won’t you?

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