Where the Sun Lights the Shadows by Jenna Rogers (ePUB)

where sun lights shadows, jenna rogers

Where the Sun Lights the Shadows by Jenna Rogers – Free eBooks Download


Growing up, Emma loved spending every summer at the lake. Her fondest memories involved the Martin twins next door, Rebecca and Andrew. Chaotic, fun-loving Rebecca wasn’t turned off by Emma’s shy demeanor. She quickly embraced Emma, becoming her best friend and making sure the trio spent every summer living for the moment. Meanwhile, incredibly sweet and oh-so-handsome Andrew bonded with Emma over her love for food and books, gradually developing a relationship with her that constantly teetered between friends and something more.
An accident the summer before the three friends leave for college changes everything. Now Emma must return to the lake without her best friend in the whole world. Not to mention, Andrew hasn’t spoken to her since they witnessed the accident. Will Emma be able to move past her grief and finally live a bold life without her best friend by her side? And will Emma and Andrew be able to find light in their shadows so they can finally cross that line into being more than just friends?

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