Where Jupiter Meets The Sky by Lisa Sorbe (ePUB)

jupiter meets sky, lisa sorbe

Where Jupiter Meets The Sky by Lisa Sorbe – Free eBooks Download


An all new Stand-alone Contemporary Romance from the author of For Those We Love and Beautiful Savage…

What are memories worth? If the people in them no longer care about you?
What value do they bring, if all they bring is pain?
Nathan not only broke my heart, but he demolished my past, blew sky high the only parts worth remembering. I can’t go back in time to escape the present, and what I build in the future will forever be tainted by the wreckage left behind in his wake.
What do you do when your mind is no longer a safe place to be?

Divorced and heartbroken, Olivia Reed finds herself right back where she started: living in Jupiter, Minnesota and waiting tables at the same diner she worked at in high school. Sure, it’s not an ideal situation for a woman who’s just turned thirty. But with no family, career, or money to fall back on, this less than idyllic past is all she has.

Unfortunately, creating a future within spitting distance of her roots is proving to be a challenge. Until she reconnects with an old classmate, Thomas Kane. Once a moody teenager that stalked the halls of Jupiter High with heavy rumors swirling at his back, he’s now a happy-go-lucky storm chaser whose dreamy smile makes Olivia weak in the knees. But any burgeoning feelings she may have for Tom need to be kept in check—because falling in love is the last thing either of them want.

That is, until her ex-husband returns to Jupiter with his new fiancé in tow. Suddenly, all bets are off, and Olivia learns that her marriage may not be as dead as she thought. Caught between the past and the present, she has to decide: Is it better to play it safe? Or chase the wild storm?

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