When You Say I Do by Laura Burton (ePUB)

when you say i do, laura burton

When You Say I Do by Laura Burton – Free eBooks Download


What’s worse than lying about your life to the man you’re falling for? Having your lies unravel in the most embarrassingly public way possible.

Emily: I’m just a small-town girl who told a teensy, tiny fib. I let William, my hot, British client and gallery owner, believe I come from a wealthy New England family. Seemed harmless at the time. Until my little lie spirals out of control!
Enter William: Part James Bond, part Darcy, and 100% falling for my lie. He’s got secrets of his own, but who doesn’t, right? Well, the Universe decides to one-up us both.
Just as I think I’ve got it all under control, BAM! We run into someone from William’s secretive past. And get this—the intruder is someone I know. My childhood bully to be exact. Drama? That’s an understatement.
Now I’m juggling lies like a circus performer, and my relationship is dangling by a thread. Are we a rom-com in the making, or a tragedy waiting to happen?

Set your bets and grab your popcorn. We’re on a roller coaster ride filled with laughs, gasps, and “Oh no, she didn’t!” moments.

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