When We Were Us by Madison Noelle (ePUB)

when we were us, madison noelle

When We Were Us (Timber Forge #1) by Madison Noelle – Free eBooks Download


After seventeen years away, Timber Forge, Montana is the last place Wrenley Hardcastle ever expected to be again…

My life is a mess, but when I step inside my childhood home, I feel like I can finally breathe. That is, until I run into him. He’s less than thrilled to see me, and the feeling is mutual…at first.
It isn’t long before history and attraction collide, and somewhere underneath his gruff demeanor and perma-scowl, I see the boy l fell in love with at eighteen.
Falling for Hank Hayes a second time was never part of the plan. So, why can’t I stop thinking about what could have been?

It’s been seventeen years since she left me standing on a dirt road with the shredded remains of my heart beating wildly out of my chest.
Now, Wrenley Hardcastle is back.
And with her presence comes feelings I thought I had long ago dealt with. The woman is everything I’ve ever wanted, but couldn’t keep. After all these years, I don’t want to want her, but the pull between us is stronger than ever.
I don’t do feelings. Not anymore. But if that’s true, then why can’t I stay away?

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