When We Touch by Carrie Elks (ePUB)

when we touch, carrie elks

When We Touch (The Heartbreak Brothers #5) by Carrie Elks – Free eBooks Download


There’s a fine line between love and hate… and they’re about to cross it.
Becca Hartson should be used to moody men by now. She grew up with four overprotective older brothers, after all. But nothing could prepare her for the hostility she encounters from her new boss – the annoyingly gorgeous Daniel Carter.
Sure, his first impression of her was bad. She was in the arms of his brother, crying into his shirt. But the whole situation was purely platonic and Daniel knows that.
It doesn’t stop him from scowling at her every time they work together. Or from sending her heart into a crazy spin.
But if she wants to keep this job, she’ll have to grin and bear it.
Coming back to work at his family’s distillery after six years away was a mistake. Daniel knows it from the moment his gaze clashes with Becca’s. With her tumbling waves and soft smile, he knows she’s trouble from the start.
Daniel doesn’t believe in love. And he definitely doesn’t believe in falling for his employees.
But when Becca looks at him with those sweet doe eyes, he keeps forgetting to hate her…

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