When Two Souls Collide by G Severino (ePUB)

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When Two Souls Collide (Book of You & I #1) by G Severino – Free eBooks Download


OLIVIA WOODS IS CONVENTIONAL, DOWN-TO-EARTH, AND COMPOSED. She’s the kind of girl who goes out of her way to do the right things for others but forgets about herself.

BRANDON COLLINS IS UNCONVENTIONAL, A CREATIVE SOUL, AND PRONE TO ECCENTRICITY. He values facts over feelings, and his ability to detach from emotions can sometimes make him lonely.

When the universe pushes them together under unfavorable circumstances, like lovers from the past and secret relationships, they try to stay apart. But their feelings are too strong to ignore, and they become swept up in a love like they’ve never felt before…until their true colors start to show.
Even after their first kiss, their first touch, the first time they ever laid eyes on each other; were they destined to meet and fall in love, or was their relationship doomed from the start?

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