When to Dare an Dishonorable Duke by Tammy Andresen (ePUB)

dishonorable duke, tammy andresen

When to Dare an Dishonorable Duke (Romancing the Rake #7) by Tammy Andresen – Free eBooks Download


He’s far too dark and dangerous…
The Duke of Danesbury is not a man to be trifled with. Dark and wickedly handsome, the man’s reputation precedes him and Lady Cassandra Winterset knows when to leave a man alone. She’s a widow after all, and versed in the harsh realities of the world. What she needs is a husband who will secure her future not a man who will only provide a temporary escape from her reality. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t tempted…. Still, she’s smart enough to know when to stay and when to flee. And this duke is a man a woman should run from. If he chases… well, that’s another game entirely.

She’s the beauty he needs to possess…
From the first moment he lays eyes on her, Alex knows he has to have her. But the harder he tries to seduce her, the more elusive she becomes. He’d like to yell in frustration or applaud her amazingly dexterous skill. But if she wants to evade him, he’ll play along. He’s always been a hunter and she is excellent sport. Until he actually catches her. And the moment he finally gets the kiss he’s been craving…well, everything changes. Because one kiss isn’t nearly enough. And as he tries for another and another he begins to wonder who is the hunter and who is being hunted…

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