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when he was wicked, stacy reid

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The bestselling author Stacy Reid writes sensual Historical and Paranormal Romances and is the published author of over twenty books.

When the Earl was Wicked
Lady Verity Ayles will do whatever it takes to protect herself from a vile cur, no matter how scandalous or perilous. And that means aligning with James Radcliffe, the Earl of Maschelly—a scoundrel who spends his days in sin and self-indulgence and his nights in reckless pursuits. This is a man any young lady of good sense and reputation should stay away from.

James had clawed his way from poverty to the fringes of the ton using his wits and fists. His wicked reputation encourages ladies to approach him for clandestine affairs, never for anything as outrageous as Lady Verity’s request—to teach her how to fight. And in exchange, she will instruct him on all the refined manners a hulking, ruthless, fighting brute as himself needed to net a lady of quality. Never a man to resist a challenge or the company of a beautiful lady, James agrees and soon finds himself falling endlessly in love with a woman who may never see him as the man of her dreams.

Wicked Deeds on a Winter Night
Mis Primrose Markham serves as a devoted companion to Lady Fairclough. Despite her humble origins, Primrose’s beauty and wit catch the eye of the countess’s enigmatic son, Captain Gabriel Northcote. A man of honor and undeniable charm, Gabriel is drawn to Primrose’s kindness and warmth, igniting a forbidden desire that threatens to consume them both.

Their romance is not without its thorns, as the family deems Primrose’s lowly connections unworthy of their family. Amidst the icy splendor of a winter’s night, they surrender to a moment of reckless passion—a night that promises the dawn of unimagined love but looms the shadow of betrayal.

Wicked with You
Legend has it that the rose quartz has the power to bring about true love…
Henrietta Sutton has always kept her expectations about love realistic, scoffing at the notion that a charmed stone could sway her fortunes in romance. But her skepticism is challenged when the dashing Lord Simon Barrington quite unexpectedly falls into her life—quite literally at her feet. Suddenly, Henrietta finds herself entangled with the notorious rogue, agreeing to paint his portrait, a task that brings them dangerously close.

As their time together lengthens, Henrietta can’t help but fall for Simon’s charms, fearing that her feelings are more fantasy than reality. Can this unexpected love, sparked under such unusual circumstances, truly last, or is it another fanciful illusion? Henrietta must decide whether to trust their connection or protect her heart from potential heartbreak.

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