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When Ben Loved Tim (He Loved Him #1) by Jay Bell – Free eBooks Download


I never thought I’d find love. I spent all of high school watching others pair up, my little gay heart slowly withering in despair… until the fateful summer night that I met Tim. His meaty muscles and smoldering silver eyes already haunt my dreams. And I know for a fact that he’s lonely like me. I’ve been taking care of Tim ever since he got into an accident that was technically my fault, but the healing he needs goes so much deeper than that. I need him too. With any luck, I’ll end senior year with the man of my dreams at my side. Assuming, of course, that he’s not just another curious straight guy.

When Ben Loved Tim is a fresh take on one of Jay Bell’s most cherished books. The story has never been so intimate before, or so revealing. This is much more than a simple retelling. It’s a testament to the power of love!

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