What Revenge Looks Like by Romilly King (ePUB)

what revenge looks like, romilly king

What Revenge Looks Like (Revenge #2) by Romilly King – Free eBooks Download


When Gil kidnapped Leo it wasn’t about revenge. When Gil’s serial killer father comes after them both it most certainly will be.
I hurt. Everywhere. In every way.
Physically, mentally, heart and soul.
(I have killed brothers, and betrayed blood, and there will be a price to be paid for that)
I’m damaged, and while running water makes me clean it doesn’t take away the memories that are gnawing inside me.
I mustn’t get angry, when I get angry my grasp on the good gets weak.
(He did say he likes it rough)
I want to be better for you, Leo, because you deserve better.
Now look at you…hunted, marked, your life forever changed.
(Why is he still smiling?)
Through it all you keep trying to fix me.
With your cool blue intellect, and your psychologist’s strategies, and your warm body wrapped around me.
(And yet he still doesn’t believe in me)
I can’t be fixed, beloved, not on the evidence so far presented, and I can’t just sit here and wait for my father to find us, because I know exactly what his revenge looks like. I’m not having you face that.
(Shh, baby, sleep now, stay here, be safe, warded by the Aspen trees, I’ll find a way, I have some contacts still, I swear I’ll find a way)

Trigger warning – this is a dark gay romance book and includes graphic violence, sexual scenes, and psychological manipulation between lovers. Please read the additional trigger warnings inside.

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