West Texas Rider by G.L. Snodgrass (ePUB)

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West Texas Rider (The Parker Family #3) by G.L. Snodgrass – Free eBooks Download


He walked out of the desert like a born hero. Mary Rose McCain’s heart just naturally raced as the tall cowboy approached. The man looked rough with the edges not worn off. The kind of man to tame a hard land. Just the kind of man to appeal to a woman all alone and in the need of a hero.
Jake Parker had one mission in life. Find the outlaw who had killed his friend. He’d tracked him all the way from Oregon to West Texas. He was getting close. But now, a woman in need threatened to divert him from what had to be done. A man can’t ignore a woman in distress. Especially not one this pretty.
Left for dead when their stage is attacked by Indians, Jake, is forced to help Mary Rose, and her two younger siblings reach safety. Walking through the desert, every footstep might be leading them into danger.
As they draw closer to their goal. They both begin to realize that reaching safety will only lead to more heartache as they separate to lead their own lives. Of course, this is West Texas. The land of legends. Anything can happen and probably will.

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