Welcome to Port Berry by K.T. Dady (ePUB)

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Welcome to Port Berry (Port Berry #1) by K.T. Dady – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to Port Berry, where love is just around the corner.

Sophie Moore has sworn off men. Ever since her ex-boyfriend ran off with her, now, ex-friend. So the appearance of handsome newcomer Matt Rose to Port Berry doesn’t bother her. Sophie knows her heart is safe.
Even if it does flutter annoyingly every time he smiles at her.
Matt Rose has arrived in Port Berry with no money or place to stay. He’s running from a troubled past, and looking for a fresh start.
Matt gets a job with the local fisherman, Jed. But it’s Sophie, hearing Matt will be sleeping on the fishing boat, who offers him a place to stay at her home, Cockle Cottage.
Now Sophie can’t escape bumping into Matt everywhere she turns. Neither can she avoid noticing the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles and how she looks forward to seeing him every day.
But she can’t risk another heartbreak.
Matt knows his feelings for Sophie are far more than just gratitude for her kindness. But can he convince Sophie he’s not the only one who needs a fresh start?

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