Wed to the Grendel by Cara Wylde (ePUB)

wed to grendel, cara wylde

Wed to the Grendel (Arranged Monster Mates) by Cara Wylde – Free eBooks Download


For my birthday, I get the worst gift ever: a bride.

My kind lives in the deepest woods of Alia Terra. The humans call us forest giants, but we call ourselves grendels, after our ancestor. We live in small communities, and we’d be happy to have nothing to do with humans, except we need… their females.
My brothers are all married, and now it is my turn. I refuse to do it. Human females are tiny, and fragile, and need too much care… I’d rather end up selfish and alone. My brothers say a bride would change me, but I beg to differ. They leave me alone. Until…
She comes out of my birthday cake. A gorgeous little thing, with hair like the sun and eyes like the sea, with a body so delicate that I’m afraid to even breathe in her direction. And I know it’s their doing! How did they get my blood to send to the Temple? It doesn’t matter. I have a bigger problem now.
What do I do with her?!

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