Wed to the Basilisk by Layla Fae (ePUB)

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Wed to the Basilisk (Arranged Monster Mates) by Layla Fae – Free eBooks Download


No one touches my bride. No one but me.
I am the last basilisk on Alia Terra. As I roam my lands, loneliness muddles my mind and pumps violence into my veins until I don’t recognize myself. Soon I’ll become a feral beast – unless I mate.
The matchmaking temple is the only way a creature like me, scaly, fanged, and with lethal eyes, can marry. Soon, I have a match. My temple bride is everything I dream of: sweet, resolute, her delicious scent calming my rage with the first inhale.
It seems like it will work out until a human male barges in the temple, grabbing my bride so hard she cries out, and tries to drag her away. My fury burns too hot to control. I unleash my lethal sight, killing him on the spot.
My bride is terrified, cringing away from me. Will she ever trust me again after this?

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