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weary christmas, erin r flynn

Weary Christmas (Karma Bakery #4) by Erin R. Flynn – Free eBooks Download


They made it through Thanksgiving with some hope things would get better. Even after the attack, people were so supportive and willing to help that Arabella Baker is certain Boston was the right place to start over. Her daughters are finding their way, and she’s building a family.
A bakery family, which is weird, but a good family she’s proud of and loves. That’s what matters.
However, everyone wants more and more than what is even possible for a goddess to handle. Somehow the woman who is thousands of years old finally went on a date, and four men now what her attention. Customers want more of everything. People are demanding partnerships and going over the line.
But the factory was the right move and it’s helping. Everyone is committed to making Karma Bakery a success and growing. Every time she turns around, someone has a new idea on how to expand or what to branch out into next. Can a goddess be enough to handle what everyone else wants while focusing on what she needs as a woman?

Karma Bakery is a slow-burning romance with multiple interested parties that is full of sugar, spice, and everything nice while trying to find your place in life, doing the best you can, appreciating what you have, and figuring out a way to move beyond a traumatic past.

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