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we were together, amanda jones

We Were Together (Queen City #2) by Amanda Jones – Free eBooks Download



My name is Daniel Nicholas Conners, but you can call me Nicky C. I don’t leave things up to chance. I exercise control in all areas. Here in Queen City, I’m king.
Life is a series of calculated choices… moves on a chess board. When people look at me, they see one of the carefully crafted personas that I’ve constructed. The carefree bad boy of the motocross world who retired at the height of my career. The playboy businessman worth more money than I could spend in ten lifetimes.
The mask I wear is one I’ve perfected over the years, though they undoubtedly hear the rumors – the whispers surrounding my status as the ruthless leader of the Queen City Dukes. No one sees the real me. Not the jagged broken pieces, or how deep the darkness bleeds into my soul.
Except for her… Daphne Guinevere Burke – my baby sister’s best friend. In this cycle of endless despair, she’s remained my bright spot. In return, she asked me for the one thing I wasn’t capable of – love. I tell myself if she asked for anything else, I’d give it to her in a heartbeat. That is, until she asks for me to let her go. I don’t deserve her, especially not after the way I’ve repeatedly shattered her heart over the years, but she’s going to have to get over it.

Because Daphne is mine.
‘Til death do us part.

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