We Could Do This Tonight by Emerson Beckett (ePUB)

we could do this tonight, emerson beckett

We Could Do This Tonight (We Could Do This Duet #2) by Emerson Beckett – Free eBooks Download


How do I choose which heart to break? No matter who I choose, I’m going to be the loser.

Three years ago, Ben walked into my Portland bar and stole my heart with one look. It didn’t matter that I’m 21 years older than him. All he wants is me.
Benjamin’s beautiful smile and endless charm attract everyone he meets, including my 20-year-old daughter, Anna.
No one knows about all the things he and I have done together. And I’ve made sure to keep it from her.
My carefully constructed life built upon rules and my duty to my family is about to crumble before my eyes because she and I want the same thing—Ben.
In the end, keeping us a secret may cost me both of them. I’m in an impossible love triangle that, no matter which one I choose, I’m going to lose.
And when someone attacks my bar via social media, it’s all I can take.
So, which do I choose? Anna’s happiness? Or a life with Ben?

I knew I loved Alejandro Sanchez the moment our eyes met across the bar. There was something about the single dad and bar owner that I couldn’t get enough of.
After three long years, he’s finally okay with us. But when he refuses to tell Anna about us, I take matters into my own hands.
I’ll do whatever needs to be done to keep him in my life, even if it means accepting a date with Anna.

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