We All Go A Little Dad Sometimes by Shane K. Morton (ePUB)

we all go, shane morton

We All Go A Little Dad Sometimes (Point Pleasant Holiday #9) by Shane K. Morton – Free eBooks Download


Two lost souls taking a chance on love
Can their love survive their expectations
David- Life broke me, and I crawled back home with my tail between my legs. At almost forty, I had nothing to show for the life I lived except for a marvelous pooch named Liza Minnelli. I was lonely – but too scarred by the past to do much about it. Then, I almost ran over Taylor Lautner with my car. Well, someone who looked a lot like him anyway, and my world flip-flopped in a way I hadn’t expected. Every time we saw each other, I fell harder, and the thing that threw me off the most was that he seemed to feel the same way. But all I can think about is if he will leave me too.
Justin- When I failed an entire semester my senior year of college, I had to come home. It sucked. An affair with one of my professors had really done a number on me, especially when I discovered he was married and had kids. I lost myself after that. I felt horrible and filthy – I felt used. Now, I work at a coffee shop part-time so I can pay for my online classes. It surprised me how much I liked it in this small town where my parents had recently moved. Then I met David. Why did I have to have a thing for older professor types with adorable puppies? I had a type. But he was so in his shell, like a turtle hiding himself away. But I was drawn to him and couldn’t help it.

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