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way past crazy, madison michael

Way Past Crazy (All’s Crazy in Love #2) by Madison Michael – Free eBooks Download


Cat Got Your Tongue?

Avery avoids men so she won’t have to make conversation. It’s worked for 38 years, but now her friends have dared her to marry in twleve months or pay a humiliating price. Therefore, when a fellow cat lover emerges from the night, she stands her ground and speaks. Turns out this conversation thing isn’t so bad. After all, the man is easy on the eyes and charmingly unpredictable.
When Patrick encounters Avery in the park she’s far more skittish than the stray he’s feeding. She’s also lovely and surprisingly alluring. But how to get past her standoffish manner? When the engineer discovers she’s on a dating deadline he suggests she get her experience with him, and he’s in!
Practice dating is progressing nicely—very nicely indeed, until the habitat of their favorite stray is jeopardized. The couple finds themselves on opposing sides of plans to destroy the neighborhood park. With Avery’s inability to share, and Patrick’s mind on Avery, family commitments and miscommunications threatens their budding relationship.

But Avery is a Crazy Eight. Between her friends, an attraction that sizzles, a dare, and cats determined to throw them together, Avery and Patrick never stood a chance. Things are way past crazy and love is the only answer.

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