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Waves of Love by Max Hudson – Free eBooks Download


Flint really does have it all: the great banking career, a beautiful woman on his arm, a wonderful apartment in the city. It might not make him as happy as a life by the ocean, but he’s sure it’ll all turn out fine. As long as he has love, nothing else matters. That is, until an unwelcome revelation makes it all come crashing down around him. Flint’s whole life crumbles, and he needs to do all that he can to work his way through the rubble that remains.Flint races home to the seaside with a broken heart and his tail between his legs, wondering how he’s going to start again. He’ll have to move in with his parents, take a job that’s much less of a money spinner, and to top it off all his friends have moved on too. On the upside, he’ll be back by the water, even if he doesn’t go in it anymore after what happened all those years ago.
Loneliness is soon replaced by utter confusion when Joey, the sexy blond-haired surfer boy walks into his life. He instantly makes Flint feel unexpected things, a spark beyond anything he ever thought possible, causing him to question absolutely everything about his life. Is he just drawn to Joey because he’s so cool and charismatic, or is there more to it? Is there something going on deep down that he hasn’t quite discovered about himself yet? Does Joey have what it takes to make Flint finally overcome his emotional turmoil and the past that has haunted him for far too many years?

Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only.

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