Watch Me Burn by C.E. Johnson (ePUB)

watch me burn, ce johnson

Watch Me Burn (Elements of the Heart #2) by C.E. Johnson – Free eBooks Download


I was jumped. But nobody believed me.
They would have killed me if I didn’t fight back.
Only once I started, I couldn’t stop myself.
The cops arrested me.
The town raged against me.
The judge made an example out of me.
Everyone abandoned me except my little sister.
Ten years later, she’s set to marry one of the men that destroyed my life.
And all she wants is her big brother at her side.
I didn’t think things could get much worse until Natalie Bell steps out of her fancy car with designer high heels to check in at my Lodge.
A city girl doesn’t quite fit into my life out here in the wilderness. But when she’s ready to stand up for me against my biggest enemies, she happens to fit quite nicely at my side.
This fire inside of me used to be fueled by hate. Now, I only burn for her.
They can try to force me back up on that stake and light every match in their books.
But I’m a different man now.
You see, once you learn how to live in the flames, they can no longer hurt you.

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