Warrior’s Claim by Cass Carlton (ePUB)

warrior's claim, cass carlton

Warrior’s Claim (Cosmic Captives #1) by Cass Carlton – Free eBooks Download


Surviving captivity was just the beginning.

In the cold, heartless expanse of space, Serena finds herself shackled to a dreadful fate by a ruthless alien race known as the Kryllians. Ripped from her life as a diplomat on Earth and forced into slavery, she’s destined for a life of subjugation and torment in a distant corner of the galaxy. But Serena is no ordinary captive. When a chance for freedom presents itself, she seizes it.

Except now, she’s stranded on a vast desert under an alien sun after a ship crash. She leads her fellow captive women—each sharing the mark of the translator implant forced on them—in a bid to survive. When a rogue alien slaver threatens their fragile freedom, Serena and Scarlett, a soldier among them, rise to the occasion, heralding the dawn of a desperate struggle. Their alien-infested world turns a shade darker when Serena encounters Zaxon, a mysterious alien warrior whose shifting skin and cryptic intentions spell uncertainty and danger.
In the vast and unforgiving desert under the twin suns, a tribe of alien warriors led by their fiercest warrior, Zaxon, navigate the treacherous dunes. Their existence is interrupted when a crashed spaceship, still smoldering from impact, is discovered half-buried in the sand. A Kryllian slaver ship, no less. Inside the wreckage, Zaxon and his men find an unexpected treasure—a group of human women, resilient and fierce.
Serena, a natural-born survivor among the survivors, catches Zaxon’s attention. Her spirit, as unbroken as the desert winds, ignites an unfamiliar desire within him. But the Kryllians and the Varekians lurk in the shadows, and danger is never far away on this cruel desert planet.
As tension mounts and the promise of a brutal battle looms, the lines between enemy and ally blur. Will Zaxon and Serena find love in the midst of chaos, or will their fiery encounters remain as fleeting as the desert mirages?

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