Wanted: Cocky Marine by Shae Sullivan (ePUB)

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Wanted: Cocky Marine (Click For Love #4) by Shae Sullivan – Free eBooks Download


My nickname is ‘the powerhouse.’
I may be 5’2 but I don’t take sh*t from anyone—and that especially includes our new IT security team at Women’s Today Online.
They think they can come in and try to tell me how to run my own software? Yeah, right.
And no one infuriates me more than him.
The beefy, ex-military know-it-all, Quentin Marshall, who thinks he’s God’s gift to the tech world.
He’s arrogant, bossy, and ripped sharper than a cheese grater.
Not that I’m looking.
Nope, my life is far too good as it is for distractions with big brains and an even bigger…
Anyhow, my plan is to just ignore him, but when he goes messing with my software, I can’t.
He thinks he can outsmart me?
Give it your best shot, buddy.
I don’t care how many codes he’s cracked—or how incredibly hot he is—or how well he knows how to make me moan.
Because nothing can stop a woman on a mission.
Well nothing, except a super-hot marine who can crack the hardest code of all…the one to my heart.

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