Wanted By the Forbidden Wolf by Rachel Medhurst (ePUB)

wanted wolf, rachel medhurst

Wanted by the Forbidden Wolf (Brothers of the Lawless Pack #1) by Rachel Medhurst – Free eBooks Download


When the forbidden werewolf howls for her, she runs… straight into his arms.

Fender Gregory humiliated me. His rock solid body and dangerous tattoos might attract every stray female from the Brothers of the Lawless Pack, but not me. He might claim to have rescued me from my nasty step-father, but he ruined any chance I had at becoming the alpha of my ancestral pack. All because of money.
So what does a girl do with a too sexy forbidden werewolf who has a thing for female alpha-heirs? Why use him, of course. Not just for his glorious body, but to help me leave the Lawless Pack and reclaim my rightful role as alpha.
Fender Gregory owes me and I’m about to collect.

Violet thinks she has me under her claw. Admittedly, when I first saw her, I wanted – no needed – to have her. And she used that to her advantage. Until now.
She has something I want and as heir to the Fire Moon Pack, she’s in the best position to get it. I just have to make sure she doesn’t get under my skin. If I fall for her, my life will be over, and so will hers.
Violet Woodville can’t find out who I really am or she’ll end me herself.

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